DASGIP® MP8 and MP4 Multi Pump Modules

Image – DASGIP MP8
Image – DASGIP MP8

Commonly used fixed speed pumps are limited to an on/off mode possibly resulting in inhomogenous feed of medium, substrate or acid/base. Eppendorf DASGIP MP8 and MP4 multi pumps feature digitally encoded peristaltic pumps with variable speeds. They serve a wide range of continous flow rates at highest precision for all small and bench scale applications. More information

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DASGIP variable speed pump modules MP8 and MP4 provide eight and four high precision speed controlled miniature peristaltic pumps, respectively. Pump head tubings with different inner diameters allow continuous flow rates from 0.3 – 420 mL/h (MP8) and 0.01 – 5 L/h (MP4). With set points below the minimum continuous flow rate duty cycling mode is activated automatically. Both modules can be operated as stand-alone solutions or be integrated into legacy control systems.


  • Bidirectional peristaltic pump heads with digitally controlled variable speed motors
  • Continuous feed rates (depending on tube diameter) of 0.3 – 420 mL/h (MP8) and 0.01 – 5 L/h (MP4)
  • Embedded parallel calibration procedures
  • Can be operated as stand-alone solutions with EasyAccess Software